Hemp linen bed throw - Print 1/9May20


king size – 242 x 146 cm


Smudgy and muted warm greys, with a variety of shapes and depth of tone, make this perfect for the all grey bedroom.  While the different foliage imprints are recognisable, this print is altogether a more subtle affair and doesn't have crisp plant shapes popping out at you.  The dotted lines of casuarina needles are quite dominant over the full piece, criss-crossing and layered with the other locally foraged foliage.  The dotted buds of the Queensland silver wattle can be distinguished, but in a more abstract way.  For collectors with a love of the natural surface design but looking for a less obvious imprint from nature, for a quieter feel in the bedroom.


Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 1/9May20 features peppermint willow, Queensland silver wattle in bud, blombos, Queen protea, bankrupt bush, helichrysum, wild rosemary, Port Jackson in bud and casuarina.