Hemp silk bed throw - Print 2/27Jul21


king size – 232 x 140 cm


An ultra-luxurious version of the linen bed throw.  The botanical printing is done on the silky side of the fabric, resulting in a detailed and precise silk surface and a more smudgy and abstract matte side. This fabric comes in a standard roll width, which means that the throw is not as wide as the linen bed throws. 

This piece is largely monochromatic, with a creamy Cape Velvet base colour and detailed charcoal prints.  The throw features the blomblos, which is now nearing the end of its flowering season.  The blooms are large and precise.  They swirl around the cloth, along with tapered spikes of wild rosemary, laurel shapes of peppermint willow and filigree plecostachys.  Scribbled lines of casuarina make the surface noise that I am after.

The finish is with a hemp linen border of 3 cm, visible on the silky side, and with mitered corners. The hemp silk is a precious fabric and not always available. 


Print 2/27Jul21 features blombos, plecostachys, bankrupt bush, wild rosemary, peppermint willow and casuarina.