Flax linen table cloth - Print 1/28Nov19

  • R 6,750.00

246 x 156 cm


This cream pure linen table cloth is botanically contact printed with a number of indigenous and exotic species foraged close to the studio.  The cloth has a pale creamy undertone, with imprints in a range of subtle greens and greys.  Filigree detail of the helichrysum and blombos in bloom is interspersed with bracken and eucaluptus foliage and buds.  A sophisticated and dreamy design on flax linen, distressed to a soft buttery texture.  Excellent drape on the table.  Suitable for a 6-8 seater table or soft bed throw.



Finished with a raw edge, secured with a double row of stitching



Print 1/29Nov19 features helichrysum, blombos, bracken and eucalyptus.