Dupioni silk wrap - Print 1/17Oct20

Size 67 x 226


Dupioni silk wrap botanically printed to celebrate the abundance and variety of early summer fynbos foliage.  This piece was printed as a showcase of the natural spaces around us and features a wide variety of locally foraged fynbos and a few sneaky weeds.  The base fabric colour is a creamy off white, warm and taking on different tones as the light changes.  The prints are a monochromatic warm olive grey, delicate and filigree.  A beautiful recording of the season. This piece varies over its length and is sophisticated and natural.


Finished with a 2.5 mm rolled hem.


Print 1/17Oct20 features blombos seed, wild rosemary, leucadendron, helichrysum, bankrupt bush, plecostachys, bracken and erodium seed heads.