Dupioni silk wrap - Print 2/13Jul20

  • R 3,400.00

Size 68 x 195


Dupioni silk wrap botanically printed to celebrate the short flowering season of the lobostemon, coinciding with our winter storms. Imprinted with foliage of multiple species of lobostemon, peppermint willow, casuarina and blombos in flower. The base fabric colour is a a dirty sea foam, warm and taking on different tones as the light changes, and the prints in grey, aubergine and a charcoal tinged with teal, are delicate and filigree, a beautiful recording of the flowering of the lobostemon. This piece varies over its length, delicate and natural.


Finished with a 2.5 mm rolled hem.


Print 2/13Jul20 features peppermint willow, casuarina and lobostemon and blombos in flower.