Hemp linen bed throw - Print 2/19Nov20

  • R 5,125.00


queen size – 244 x 143 cm


A calm and natural medium sized, off white, cloth with prints in a range of olives and greens.  This queen size hemp linen bed throw is botanically printed with a large variety of Cape fynbos.  The center of the throw features scattered late helichrysum in bloom, protea, pincushion and cone bush leaves, along with silver wattle and eucalyptus.  The edges feature prints off dried onion skin and loosely curved and sensuous wild rosemary sprigs. 

This piece is quite short and fits from the edge of the pillows to just before the end of the bed.

Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 2/19Nov20 features onion skin, leucospernum and leucadendron leaves, various protea leaves, helichrysum, wild rosemary, eucalyptus and casuarina.