Hemp linen bed throw - Print 2/20Nov20

  • R 5,625.00


king size – 244 x 176 cm


Dramatic and dark.  This king size hemp linen bed throw is botanically dyed and contact printed to create a print with exceptional detail and depth.  The edges are a dark aubergine, with characteristic tie marks, with the dark positive and negative shapes of spider gum.  This colour fades towards the center, with detailed charcoal colored imprints of the leaves and foliage of a variety of leucadendron, leucospernum and protea species and the dotted line of the casuarina needles.  The prints off long spikes of wild rosemary and the helichrysum in bloom are particularly dramatic.


Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 1/20Nov20 features the leaves and cone buds of protea, leucadendron and leucospernum, wild rosemary, plecostachys, helichrysum and casuarina needles.