Hemp linen bed throw - Print 2/9May20

  • R 5,625.00


king size – 250 x 149 cm


Smudgy and muted on a creamy base cloth, with predominant warm grey and pale aubergine prints of a variety of shapes and depth.  The foliage imprints are abstract and subtle, with the predominant shapes coming from wild rosemary and bankrupt bush and the purple aubergine of the flowering gum. Casuarina needles have printed in dotted line, reminiscent of a drawing and layered with the other locally foraged foliage.  For collectors with a love of the natural surface design but looking for a less obvious imprint from nature, for a quieter feel in the bedroom.


Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 2/9May20 features flowering gum, Queensland silver wattle in bud, blombos, bankrupt bush, wild rosemary, Port Jackson in bud and casuarina.