Hemp linen bed throw - Print 3/15Sep20


king size – 250 x 177cm


Detailed and filigree imprints of predominantly Spring fynbos - this very generous bed throw would be suitable for a king  or king plus bed.  A celebration of the change of season and in particular the sprouting and blooming of plants that have laid dormant for the winter months.  This bed throw is botanically printed with a large variety of Cape fynbos including a number of species of helichrysum, multi branched plecostachys in bloom (look for the tiny pink tips on the throw) and bankrupt bush. The surface is broken by prints off dried blombos seed.  The edges of the throw are printed with the subtle and round leaves of eucalyptus populus.  The base colour of the throw is a creamy off white, and the prints are a range of grey, tending toward teal blue and aubergine. 


Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 3/15Sep20 features bankrupt bush, helichrysum, plecostachys, blombos and eucalyptus foliage and seed.