Hemp linen bed throw - Print 3/16Jul20


king size – 238 x 190 cm


Detailed and defined with fiery tones in the center and more muted tones towards the edges.  This king size hemp linen bed throw is botanically printed to create a piece with contrast and depth.  The edges are a detailed layering of largely monotone prints off a variety of foliage, dominated by the peppermint willow, blombos in flower and the bankrupt bush.  This look changes towards the center of the piece, with precise rusty orange imprints off the new young leaves of a locally foraged eucalyptus interspersed with the strong laurel shape of leucadendron.   


Finished with a 3 cm hem and mitered corners.


Print 3/16Jul20 features a variety of eucalyptus, peppermint willow, blombos in flower, bankrupt bush and leucadendron.