Hemp linen cloth - Print 6/8Nov21


king size – 252 x 140 cm - unfinished


A unique length of cloth made with a different process to what I usually use - a dye and print in one. The base colour of the cloth was a pale dirty minky pink, and this has been grunged up a little with a tannin wash with grey tones.  The result is a muted smudgy piece with murky orange rust of eucalyptus, oversized geranium leaves, long stalked geranium buds and wild rosemary.  The cloth would be suitable to use as a bed throw or table cloth.


Unfinished with raw edges.


Print 6/8Nov21 features geranium, pelargonium, wild rosemary, eucalyptus foliage and a botanical dye off the eucalyptus gum nuts and bark.