Hemp linen scatter cushion - Print 2/11Mar20

Size 40 x 60 cm 


Hemp linen scatter cushion botanically dyed on both sides with the strong pigment of spider gum.  The front side is broken by the vibrant rusty orange of the long tapered leaves of eucalyptus, olive green of leucadendron and the scribbled line of casuarina needles.  The back side just has the botanical print of the casuarina on the botanically dyed surface.  The scatter is dark aubergine purple with very obvious tie marks at the top, fading to grey at the bottom.  Dramatic on both sides, top and bottom.


Finished with a plain modern edge.  The concealed zip is placed at the bottom of the scatter to allow for either side to face front.  Stuffed with a luxury down inner, for customers in South Africa, or without if you prefer.


Although inyoni scatters are sold separately, this one has a partner - Print 1/11Mar20.


Print 2/11Mar20 features eucalyptus, leucadendron, bankrupt bush, casuarina and a dye bath of spider gum.