Hemp silk bed throw - Print 1/14Apr22

  • R 6,875.00


king size – 238 x 142 cm


An ultra-luxurious but still robust version of the linen bed throw.  The botanical printing is done on the silky side of the fabric, resulting in a detailed and precise lustrous surface and a more smudgy and abstract matte side. This fabric comes in a standard roll width, which means that the throw is not as wide as the linen bed throws. 

This piece has a creamy background with a mix of natural surface marks, some indistinct but most taking the strong shape of the foliage used.  This piece is printed off local fynbos, most prominent being the blombos in bloom, carpet geranium and wild rosemary.

The piece is finished with a hemp linen border of 3 cm, visible on the silky side, and with mitered corners. The hemp silk is a precious fabric and not always available. 


Print 1/14Apr22 features blombos, carpet geranium, wild rosemary, plecostacys and bankrupt bush (slangos).