Hemp silk bed throw - Print 3/19Nov20


king size – 241 x 142 cm


An ultra-luxurious but still robust version of the linen bed throw.  The botanical printing is done on the matte side of the fabric, resulting in a detailed and precise matte surface and a more smudgy and abstract silky side. Either side is suitable to use as the top.  This fabric comes in a standard roll width, which means that the throw is not as wide as the linen bed throws. 

The center of this piece has the exceptionally detailed and filigree charcoal colored prints from foliage of plecostachys.  The throw is edged with long and curved spikes of wild rosemary, intersepersed with bankrupt bush and the leaves and cone buds of protea, leucospernum and leucadendron.  Very dramatic on a pale off white base.  The overall effect is close to monochromatic and detailed.

The finish is with a hemp linen border of 3 cm, visible on the matte side, and with mitered corners. The hemp silk is a precious fabric and not always available. 


Print 3/19Nov20 features protea, leucospernum and leucadendron, plecostachys, bankrupt bush, wild rosemary and casuarina.