Hemp silk cloth - Print 1/23Jul22

  • R 6,875.00


king size – 255 x 145 cm - unfinished


An ultra-luxurious but still robust version of the linen bed throw.  The botanical printing is done on the silky side of the fabric, resulting in a detailed and precise lustrous surface and a more smudgy and abstract matte side. This fabric comes in a standard roll width, which means that the cloth is not as wide as the linen bed throws. 

This print features a swirl of locally foraged plants including blombos in bloom, long tapered wild rosemary, dark aubergine of carpet geranium and scribbles of casuarina needles. Very dramatic on an creamy base.  The overall effect is vibrant and detailed.

The piece has been left unfinished and up to the buyer to decide how to use it. The hemp silk is a precious fabric and not always available. 


Print 1/23Jul22 features geelbos, blombos in bloom, wild rosemary, plecostachys, pelargonium, slangbos, carpet geranium and casuarina.