Cotton mandala cloth - Print 1/24Sep19

  • R 4,100.00

Diameter (across the circle) 145 cm


The mandala cloths are printed on the round, with the foliage arranged to create a natural botanical mandala. This medium weight chambray cotton circular cloth is botanically contact printed to create a varied and detailed piece, with depth created by a range of prints and tones. The prints are muted and shadowy, with some detail off the dark spider gum on the edge and filigree plecostachys and blombos in flower.  Suitable for a table cloth, lounge throw or funky beach cloth to laze about on.


Finished with a raw edge secured by a double row of stitching.


Print 1/24Sep19 features spider gum, blombos and plecostachys in flower, wild rosemary and the buds of flowering gum.